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The Just Wallet Team

Why we were founded.

Simple banking for the global economy

We dreamed of a world with better, faster more convenient, less costly payment options that is simple to use and highly accessible for everyone.

For years we struggled with traditional banks moving money the old way – which wasted time and money. So, we set out to invent a beautifully simple solution that became a billion-dollar business. Our humble beginnings in financial markets started as foreign currency day traders and brokers. The complex systems and high barrier to entry revealed a path that we decided to pursue.

The initial launch of Just Wallet v1 included a B2B white label application that we sold to thousands of startups to power their fintech businesses across 180 countries globally. We have continued to improve the core offering of our application and integrated dozens of partners to offer the best money transfer application on the market. More recently, we searched the globe for best place to launch our consumer-facing application as well.

In 2018, we established our corporation in Toronto, Ontario and filed to be registered and regulated by FINTRAC (Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada). As a regulated Money Service business that is able to offer Money Transfer & Foreign Currency exchange services we have launched to the public with a huge following from our previous endeavors. We have built a strong team of bankers, technologists, brokers, attorneys, sales and customer service focused on delivering the best customer experience you can find in the financial services landscape.


Meet our leadership team


Hamilton Cheong

CEO + Founder

Hamilton first began in the financial markets, and foreign currency trading. He was deeply inspired to invent a banking platform that would be simple to use and global.


Ryan Johnson

COO + Co-Founder

Ryan has a long history creating a measurable and lasting impact in digital, and the real world. After making billions in ecommerce for international corporations, he has come to us to push our technology and operations to the next level.


Zaal Palavandishvili


Zaal comes to us from the online gaming space where data security and funds are critical to success. He leads a team of incredible engineers that have built a truly special global banking platform.


Jim Oneschuck

SVP Business Strategy

Jim is a customer centric, service minded executive and entrepreneur dedicated to innovation and development that truly makes a difference for clients in business development, sales, strategy, product/service development and marketing, data science, services delivery, finance, and related management and advisory.

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